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Selena Millman
I am tired of the Michael Jackson jokes. They are not funny. They are cruel. I didn't even read your stupid jokes. Michael Jackson is a wonderful loving man and the best father ever. Picking on him because of his skin color is low. Look up Vitiligo (http://www.nvfi.org/vitiligo.htm). It is a real skin disease. Michael had 3 plastic surgeries. 2 were on his nose. He originally broke his nose. Michael's face (including his nose) looks fine. Michael Jackson has a gorgeous face. He is a gorgeous man. Why is his plastic surgery and what you think he had such an "issue"? Get over it already. Michael never "dangled" his son. He held him so the fans could see. So what if Michael wears a mask at times. So what if his kids wear masks to cover their faces. Michael does what he has to in order to protect his children. To read how Michael was framed in 1993 check out http://www.mjjforum.com/steveharveymirror.html Stop picking on Michael Jackson.

Selena Millman

Selena -
Thanks for stopping by. I'm a little confused by your conflicting statements: "I am tired of the Michael Jackson jokes" and "I didn't even read your stupid jokes". How do you know that you don't like them? I mean really shouldn't you give them a chance?

How about this one: Q. How does Michael Jackson pick his nose?
A. From a catalogue.

Now isn't that great?

You know I've read articles stating how Michael has only had three plastic surgeries and I have to say quite sincirly and honestly. I think they are full of shit.

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